The Parish Church of St. Clement

St Clement's, the Living Church in the Ancient Town of Sandwich Kent

St Clement’s Church, Sandwich - Public Notice 16th February 2021

Project To Reinstate The Missing Gable Crosses

When Joseph Clarke, Surveyor to the Dioceses of Rochester and Canterbury renovated St Clement’s Church between 1865-70 he established a cross on each of its six gables with a further cross above the north porch.
Over time these crosses deteriorated and weathered and were taken down because they had become a potential danger to passersby.
In 2015 the crosses above the north east gable and the north porch were reinstated and during the Covid Pandemic of 2020-21 members of St Clement’s PCC have been working on a plan to reinstate the remaining crosses.

Following extensive research using original drawings, photographs and plans, we have sought to identify the type of cross(es) that originally adorned each gable so that the replacements could replicate the originals as closely as possible.
The Diocesan Advisory Committee has now agreed these plans.
Anyone who is interested in knowing more about the project should contact Barry Brooks by e-mail

Objections to the project should be submited directly to Mrs Ann Beswick at the Diocesan Registry within 28 days of the start of the notification period. Her contact details are by telephone on 0207 5935 148 or on e-mail at